Adventurous Snake DIY-Paint-By-Number Kit for Kids

Includes Brushes, Paints and Numbered Canvas - Frameless - 20cm x 20cm - Great for kids

Kids would love to paint these CNC painting kits children edition. These 20x20cm kits are a special gift for kids to learn and focus more. Buy your junior paint by numbers from CNCPaint.

This package includes:

  • 1x Numbered acrylic paint set (About 6-10 different colors, depending on the painting)
  • 1x Numbered high-quality linen canvas
  • 1x set of 2 paint brushes (1x medium, 1x large)
  • Size: 20x20cm
  • Frame (not included)

DIY Paint by Numbers KIT for Beginners:

Are you passionate about art and wants to mesmerize the people with your art? Well, CNC DIY Paint by Numbers kit is the right thing for you. Made for the beginners, this kit allows you to create beautiful art pieces that you can frame and adorn your walls with or better still, gift to your loved ones and let them admire them for your art. The best part is you don’t have to have any skills, in art or painting, to use the kit.

Here are some of the benefits of Paint by Number kit, read them to decide for yourself.

  •     Anti-Stress and Fun: We all know how relaxing coloring can be, that is one reason why we loved it as children. This paint by numbers kit let you relive your childhood and concentrate on the painting. This, in return, let you set aside your worries and work on your artwork.
  •     Simple Drawing: In order to use Paint by number kit, you don’t have to have any art related skills. Just follow the simple instruction provided in the manual and you’re good to go to create magnificent art pieces.
  •     Perfect Gift: When it comes to gifting, often we struggle because finding the best gift is never easy. But now you can gift Paint by Number kit to those who love art or even to those who is struggling with stressful life. Whatever the occasion is, this kit is a perfect present for young and adults alike.
  •     Create Stronger Bond with Your Loved Ones: It is proven that whatever task you do with your loved ones, it helps in strengthening the relationship. Paint with the kit with your better half or your siblings and let the magic of colors bond you for the better.
  •    Best For Kids: Paint by Number is the best gift for kids. Not only children love drawing, but this kit helps them to have better concentration, learn to be patient and have better observation for detail.
  •    Home Décor: What can be more satisfying than decorating your own home with your art. Paint by numbers kit is for those who want to beautify their homes or workplaces with their own hard work. Paint the drawing and frame it up to decorate your walls with it.

Easy to use:

- Made a mistake? Simply paint over it!

- Brushes are easy to clean with a quick rinse in water under the faucet

- Each paint well is numbered and corresponds with the numbered areas on the canvas

Easy to use - DIY Paint by numbers

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