Acrylic Paint Perma Paint Set (12 Colors)

Acrylic Paint Perma Paint Set (12 Colors)

Art-grade acrylic paint set. 

High-quality paints glide on smoothly, dry quickly, and remain as beautiful as the day they were painted. Whether you're new to acrylic painting or a seasoned artist, the 24 vibrant color paint kit will set your imagination on fire. Acrylic paint ideal for painting on canvas, colors do not fade over time. The Craft Paint Set is ideal for producing true, consistent tones in painting art, ideal for professional artists, young aspiring artists, painting enthusiasts, and children.

High Quality, Rich vivid Pigments, Certified Safe and Non-Toxic.

no need to worry about toxicity with our acrylic paint Non-toxic water-based acrylic paint is safe for all ages. The creamy consistency and high pigments offer great covering power for large areas and fine details. Mixes easily and dries quickly. The quick-drying formula allows you to apply additional layers or add other elements to your work immediately. Easy to clean with soap and water.

Ideal for Gift.

Perma acrylic paints are versatile in canvas art, painting, scrapbooking, Christmas, Halloween decorations and more, suitable for most surfaces, including canvas, wood, rocks, glass, stretched canvas, fabrics, stone, metal, plastic, ceramic, accent wall, chalkboard, paper, polystyrene, plaster, terracotta and tin. Ideal for adults, artists, beginners, students, kids, teens, boys and girls. Packed in a sturdy box to keep you always organized and accessible.


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