Diamond Painting Beads Organizer

This High-Quality Storage Box is made of transparent plastic material, environment-friendly, durable and sturdy, practical and non-breakable.

This comes in 28 squares, each has a separate cap and tight-sealed. This is a multi-purpose container, suitable for classifying and storing small parts such as beads, hardware parts, jewelry, rivet, nail, drugs, etc. It has detachable storage grids for portability.

It features a lightweight, portable, compact design and easy storage.


  1. Organize your beads to prevent losing them.
  2. Secure individual caps prevent spillage.
  3. Organize colors separately for easy access.
  4. Portable and convenient.


  • Grid Quantity: 28pcs
  • Grid Size: 2.4*2cm
  • Storage Box Size: 17.4*10.6*2.6cm
  • Net Weight: 0.112kg