Gondola Day 5D Diamond DIY Painting Kit

Nothing more attracts a room with sceneries and memories that will last a lifetime. Decorate the interior aspect of your home with this Gondola Day 5D Rhinestone painting and see how it brings life to the room in a manner of a few seconds! You can also buy this as a gift to your close friends and family so that they can enjoy the many benefits of completing this masterpiece. Never miss out on this opportunity to have an amazing work of art that you can finish on your own! Click on the add to cart button or send us a message. We'll be happy to help you!

If you think your house needs some decoration, our 5D Diamond Painting Kits can make the interior of your home stunning in an instant.


  • Full drill painting canvas with the pattern of your chosen design
  • New generation Square Resin / Rhinestone Diamond with up to 30-40 labeled colors separated in each bag
  • Sticky pens, Diamond plate, plastic tray and tweezers
  • Size: about 30cm x 40cm / 11.81'' x 15.75''
  • Frame not included


  • It's great for various purposes. Use this to decorate your home's Bedroom, Dining Room, Bathroom, Washroom, Kitchen and Study Room. It can also be used to decorate offices, hotels, restaurants, bars and many more...


  • Whatever the style and looks of a living room, bedroom or any room in that matter, this unique painting would complement it.
  • It is a perfect gift for your loved ones, family, friends and coworkers.

The CNC Diamond painting is easy to do. Adults and children, art beginners and art enthusiasts alike will have fun working on this painting.

You can also turn this into a productive hobby by working on different designs on your spare time.

Be fulfilled upon seeing the completion of this project, exercise your creative thinking and skills, and enjoy the stunning visual aesthetic it provides to the household.

This activity is so simple and easy to do, within a few moments of time, you'll create a stunning piece of art that you can show off to your friends!

We guarantee you, in no time; you'll learn to love this product.


  1. Open the box, gather the tools that are included in the package and pull out the diamond painting kit.
  2. Arrange the resin diamond based on the color codes that are provided on the package.
  3. Remove the non-adhesive covering on the canvas. You will see a pattern with corresponding colors.
  4. You can now start sticking diamond pieces to the canvas. (We highly suggest that you work on one set of color first then move on to the next batch, it makes it easier for you follow-up with the correct placements)
  5. The closer you place the diamonds together, the results will definitely be better!
  6. It is ideal to lay the canvas on a flat surface so the diamonds will be placed neatly.
  7. To complete the project, you can purchase a frame to preserve the painting and to beautify it even more!

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