Madonna and Child DIY Paint-By-Number Kit

Includes Brushes, Paints and Numbered Canvas - Frameless - 16'' x 20'' - Great for kids and adults

Now already in a box with Canvas Rolled! No more creases!

Paint by number kits from are incredibly satisfying for both beginning and experienced hobbyists. These kits are designed for ease of use and produce beautiful results. Instead of feeling rushed at expensive 1-hour precanned painting events, why not host your own painting party? A relaxing and fun evening surrounded by friends and family instead of complete strangers where every guest can take their time painting, laughing, and enjoying the experience.

✔️ PERFECT RELAXING ACTIVITY FOR YOU – Get lost in the moment painting a gorgeous landscape or adorable critter. Let your worries slip away as you complete your project. Our paint by number kits will help you recharge your batteries and make you stop to smell (paint) the roses, so you can feel refreshed and invigorated.

✔️ REFINE YOUR ARTISTIC SIDE – Want to start the New Year off learning something new but worried you won’t finish? With our paint by number kit, you can mark this resolution off your list with relative ease. Go at your own pace, finish a project, and feel accomplished!

✔️ MAKE BEAUTIFUL ART – Once you’ve finished, you will have a lovely painting that can go anywhere in your home. Show off to your family and friends! They’ll be stunned with the striking results.

✔️ GREAT FOR GROUPS – Host your own at-home painting night with friends and wine! With our paint by numbers kits, everyone can go at their own pace and walk away with a great piece of self-made artwork they can display proudly. 

This package includes:

- 1 high-quality, linen canvas preprinted with numbered outline

- 1 complete set of non-toxic acrylic paints necessary for your project. No color mixing required. The bright colors make the painting come alive on canvas!

- 3 assorted size fine tip brushes

- Weight 0.190

- Easy-to-read instructions to guide the process with many helpful tips for success!

- Frame NOT included.

Easy to use:

- Made a mistake? Simply paint over it!

- Brushes are easy to clean with a quick rinse in water under the faucet

- Each paint well is numbered and corresponds with the numbered areas on the canvas

Easy to use - DIY Paint by numbers

Available on Cash on Deliver Nationwide!

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Due to the difference between monitor resolutions and printing quality of the provided sample design, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. 

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