Tulib-Glow In The Dark Gel Pen

Your calligraphy will come to life

Tulib is a calligraphy set like no other, using it you can create glowing pieces of art. If drawing is your hobby Tulib is a must-have essential for your artistic needs.

The spiral dip pen creates and easy flow through the paper for flawless art pieces. Our magical ink is easily cleanable and glows in the dark the highlight your brilliance.

When wielding Tulib you hold perfection! Add it to your collection and use it anytime you need a professional styling touch or a shining artistic expression, Tulib can draw it all!

Why Tulib is for you

Flow with elegance- Feel the excellence of the spiral design and let it guide your hand into a perfect drawing flow. Nothing is impossible with Tulib.

Enchant your paper- Bring life into your next calligraphy drawing with glowing ink that contrasts the night to bring unseen vividness.

For marathon writers- Once dipped Tulib draws for minutes and easily changes ink colors. Noting can stop you from fully expressing yourself.

Set1 - 12 Colors
Set2 - 12 Colors
Set3 - 12 Colors
Set4 - 12 Colors
Set5 - 12 Colors
Set6 - 12 Colors